The Worst and the Best

When the world isn’t right
And the truth isn’t true
When arsenic, cyanide, and slander are spewed
From evil intruders who smear havoc anew
There must be a way to loudly break through.

When smoke fills the air with its death-choking squeeze,
And good folks are brought down to their hard, pleading knees
In times that seem hopeless or crazy like these
Faith in the Goodness and cosmic reprieve
Are all that sustain us and quiet the seas.

If we faced all glad tidings with similar flair
If we celebrate goodness with the same robust, eager aire,
When storm clouds come through, do we weigh what’s in store?
Are we as gloomy for them as we were happy before
Did we say thanks or nothing; at least, acknowledge the score?

In times like these when the world isn’t right
We must work together and fight the “good fight,”
Else all that we’ve garnered or claimed that we knew
Will seem but a farce for the hardworking few
Together, with thanks, we’ll all make it through.


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