Bullet Train to Philadelphia

Lay the tracks, step aside I’m headed out the door

Call freedom’s ride through purple hills and amber

Morning skies

Cross Rocky Mountain passageways and Pueblo lands

And Samuel Clemens’ Hannibal where culture seeps

In Mississippi eddies

The diner and the road side stop, the Walmart and the

Ihop all bustle with the rural life

I look for in my literature

The irony of education, and educating

Comes to mind—

I’d rather be a farmer and a writer in my mind.

Cross the Appalachian carpetway and head straight

East indeed

Independence Hall awaits with promises and steed.

Gallop onward, horsepower of modern man

Lead me to Philadelphia

So different, oh, so new.

It’s not the state I dream of

All that I have obtained

The birthright of a native born

The rock, the hill, the swain

The redwoods—slumbering giants there

Outside my castle door—

Oh, Philadelphia, I’d flee to thee

If home I’d come for sure.


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