100 Daily Prayers

One hundred daily prayers float up
and bounce against the ceiling fan
then spin around and hit the ground
before relaunching into air–
There is one there for my Aunt Sue
and Bruce and Alex, too. And sister Chris
and my girl, Bre
And yes, of course, for you.

When calling out the names of those who
often come to mind, a peeping sound
whirls all around a thousand hopes abound.
“I hope he’s safe,” “She’s such a pal,” “Where is that friend of mine?” “Please bless them all and keep them safe, and bring them peace sublime.” Simple, yet sincere from me for student, niece, or rhyme.

Does it really matter, a simple prayer from me?
Of course, for those who don’t believe,
It’s just a vacant plea– Chide me not; I like to think
a thought is worth the dime, so call me up when
time allows–or when I come to mind.

Those hundred simple thoughts go up
and 99 are thine.


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