How many emails does it take to convince you
That no conspiracies exist
To overthrow Scooby Doo
That communication is vital
in deciding between green beans and corn
That some men are nicer than others–
say Francis Nurse as opposed to Iago,
and that all have the capacity
to be better

And how many text messages will determine
Who our collective favorite singer might be,
What movie we should go to see,
How to vote on election day,
If the Giants will win the pennant race?

How many calls will be placed
To order up the bridal cake?
Pitch a parcel tax or senate race?
Tell the insurance company to hold their rate?
or tell them that they might as well shoot us now
to spare the expense of the inevitable.

How many prayers must fly up
Before the prayer giver realizes
that he must act–not just wait
Before the peace will come
Before the prayers will include thanks
for the chance to grow

90 to go.

How many


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