Take a Dive

Just below the surface, a hundred miles deep
a giant marine creature lingers, waiting silently to creep
into the hollow shell of the carrier that rests
below the ocean battering and hurried, wind-swept crests.
A corpse or two must pause for care and quickly turn away
as little cleaning stations fill the hull and bay—a hundred tiny rasps
scour the backs of turtle A while turtle B
takes on the burden of keeping other fish away.
The metaphor for what’s to come
tomorrow or the next –examines how we live our lives
from one moment to the rest. The world is
full of creatures lurking well beneath the sea—
but that’s not all that life’s about—see I wish
that you could see the surface is where air is hid,
where light comes flooding through
so getting out unscaythed is worth a thought or two.
I’ll check my fins at pier edge or dock twenty-four,
then I’ll muster up the strength to disappear

through blue’s enticing door.


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