Help Me Win the Lottery

I don’t have time to think on this
The hour passes fast
Four hundred horseman trot
And each one knows my past.
I jump aboard and slap the reign
To hurry on my way
When in my haste I fail to see
Her waiting there for me.

I am too busy; it’s just a fact
Priorities must change—my heart
Breaks every night for her, my
Beautiful cuddly Bre-
She patiently works the hours through
Awaiting time with me.

If I had a million dollars, I would stop all that I do
For just a few more moments with my
Little angel-You.

Then gallop on you nasty steed and take
My heartache, too
Another day has come and gone,
and night draws all its armor on,
as I sit typing endlessly to ease the guilty,
sobbing plea
of life distracted,
missing thee.


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