Check Your Messages

She sent an email yesterday
Then thought again about it
And sent another in its stead
Requesting he throw the first away

As luck would have it
The second one slipped
Into spam limbo land
And the first was opened unaware
That she’d changed her mind
About meeting him there.

So off he went to gather the things
That lovers bring like flowers and rings
And she went on with her daily life
Glad she’d cancelled the pending flight

And he arrived at half past three
While she sat drinking herbal tea
And he got down on bended knee
To rehearse the line, “Marry me..”

Had she known that was his plan
She would have surely boarded
Yet unaware, she sat calmly there
Until, with quiet, silent stares
He gave up what he’d longed-for, courted.

Worst of all was that she knew.
Poor boy, he had not a single clue
That she still loved him anyway
Despite not being there that day.
Because the message had not gone through
And she’d sent another message, too
But spam and filters do not mix
And by the time the clock struck six
The boy had plotted something greatly

Read Romeo and Juliet lately?


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