I went to turn the water off
And a wee frog went climbing up the hose—
It startled me, mostly because it was dark
I didn’t expect it

Nor did I expect that hole in the ground
Would look so spectacular,
The chipmunk would crawl right up
My leg,
A month without email would
Be so freeing—and no one even died—at least
Not anyone I knew.

I wondered many times,
How did we get this way?

The frog could have cared less
That I was camping in an RV—it probably
Thought I was a bear—it sat still until
I moved the lantern. I thought I heard it
Giggle as it reached forward with its tiny toes.

Then, I realized that the volcano’s
Millennial sense of time
Made my email frenzied life

So, I thanked the frog, enjoyed the stunning blue view, then
Squished her perfectly browned
Marshmallow between two graham crackers—

And tomorrow, I’ll send you an email,

Crater Lake National Park 2010

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