It wouldn’t do to think of you
Only today because you’re here
With big brown eyes and twinkling
Smile that lights the night sky even when there
Are no fireworks.

And Paul Revere rode with his other
Messenger buddies to let the neighbors
Know that a party was on the way
But poor old what’s his name
Got caught right there in Kings Chapel
And oops! Lady Liberty forgot he came.

And weekend warriors and party goers
Drink it up in the name of fun
And then wonder what they did that made life
And the founding fathers would wonder
If this was worth the trouble—
Until, of course, they saw the
Swimming pool and the kids
Holding sparklers
Thinking this was the best day of their lives—
And they didn’t even get a present—
Or so they think.

This land is your land…
God bless the white, red, and blue.


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