Leap No More

Young people, listen:

When you reach the canyon—
That gaping mouth of a billion year old
Worn away sedimentary rock
You do not have to jump.

You see, people have
Hiked down one side and up again,
built bridges, invented hot air balloons,
helicopters, amazingly fast
and efficient means
to help
cross over.

Do not take it into your own hands.
That is unnecessary, unwarranted,
Unhealthy. No matter what you think,
Bravery plays no part here.

Hitch a ride with someone you trust.

That massive hole, by the way,
Can be avoided by turning around
Or walking parallel,
Or stopping for a picnic until
The donkey arrives.

And if you board a burro of dependable
Think about how closely man resembles

And once you cross, heading east, no doubt
Look back only once to see
That the giant cavern
On whose brink you perched
No longer exists–

Ride quietly into


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