Funky Junk

Did you know that junk
is junk; I mean, really, dude, the junk
is junk. Toss it out
cram it in the dumpster
close your eyes and
trash it.
Junk, I say
Piled high
Toss it
Burn it
Laugh that you ever
Owned it

Do the same with
that thought.

If we all carried around
as much junk as you do–
We’d be seized by the
waste management
carted off to the looney bin
to become ridiculously
paranoid trying to figure out
which piece of funky junk
put us over the edge.

I’m telling you,
pitch it now

and don’t tell anyone you know
that Thoreau was right.

They’ll think you’re crazy
because one, they don’t know
what that means, or two,
you are.

Have you started? Hurl it,
chuck it, lob it with your best “Hail Mary”
quickly now before you start to
think too hard about it

Stop thinking! Stop it!
Grab the thought and pitch it

And next time, leave your
wallet or your neediness
at home because
Dumpsters cost, too, or most have
padlocks to keep your junk
from touching their junk so
getting rid of your junk becomes way too
complicated, expensive, or rude.

And P.S. Don’t recycle your junk.
It’s just down right toxic


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