Little latch-key child
Burnt by loneliness and loss
Speak to someone;
Work out the sadness
And find peace.

Because peace, with her ruffled feathers
shiny mother of pearl softness
calm whispered breaths brushing
tears from his eyes
comes only by venturing through
dying and re-dying.
O Peace!
Let him read Fitzgerald’s lines
Ponder Populist movements and Great Wars
Care about greening chloroform
Challenge Will Hunting.

He, too young for such despair,
just wants to laugh
or form a revolution
or be hugged by his mother.

And there should not be a test
on that tomorrow
or ever.

Little boy, don’t cry anymore
You are beautiful
Just the way you are.

One thought on “Student

  1. unfriendmehere March 7, 2010 / 11:32 pm

    This was based on a real encounter with a student. His sister was murdered randomly while away at college, and he was a latch-key kid for most of his elementary and Middle school years. Very sad and so looking for someone to connect with…


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