enter with caution

This blog is a collecting ground of the poetry written by Kerry Mohnike.  She does not believe that this poetry is particularly good nor particularly interesting to anyone.  It is composed only to help her relieve stress.  Feel free to comment or share your own writing. Although I am a veteran English teacher, I do not intend this to be academic in any way.  In fact, for the purposes of these entries, I wish I weren’t an English teacher.

One thought on “enter with caution

  1. unfriendmehere January 30, 2010 / 5:43 pm

    Football, great American metaphor
    for fractured families and fallen heroes

    toss the ball and toss the marriage
    toss the feelings that what matters

    does not matter to them. Have some
    salsa with those insults, toss the ball

    ignore the hurt. Doing what she does
    best, “sitting on your ass.” Don’t forget
    you’re the man.


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